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4. changing the Servitization game. Armed with this understanding, they will be better positioned to transform Servitization from a mere strategy into an innovative business model that puts the spotlight on the customer. Let us take a closer look at key digital technologies and how they are impacting Servitization. The role of servitization in a changing economy (part 3) We have talked about what servitization is, its importance and some of its drivers. In the last part of this series we delve a little deeper into some the advantages and challenges of servitization and the types of companies that servitize.

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Shifting to a servitization model means investing the time and resources it takes to strengthen existing customer relationships, secure additional revenue throughout the product lifetime, and help retain customers for future sales. Through new technologies and more robust training systems, servitization is more attainable than ever. > Servitization is real for B2B product companies. > Servitization is difficult. Many interviewees struggle with defining the transformation roadmap.

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Please use this identifier to,,, Physical perspective (Supply chain management)Customization Servitization Other  Fil:PCA of Sweden and – Wikipedia Bra svenska b. Uppsatser om SAMPLE SIZE.

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Despite any apprehension to change, OEMs can begin taking small steps today to lay the foundation for a successful servitization-centric approach, and more importantly, situate their businesses for the next iteration of the manufacturing industry. Servitization in the Construction Industry. The term servitization is defined as adding a service component to a final product as a value-added proposition. A practical example of this would be a car manufacturer that offers a one- or two-year maintenance package to those who purchase the vehicle. Servitization in process manufacture is often driven from a sharing of risk and cost, which is why many pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking for alternatives to selling pills.

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The extent of servitization differs markedly by country… Less than 2% of Chinese manufacturing firms had servitized by 2007. 3. Although the gaps between countries – in terms of the extent of servitization – are closing… Over 20% in China and just under 30% in Japan have now servitized. 4. servitization Value addition to Goods as an integral part the tangible material which influences Procurement decision.
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4. changing the Servitization game.

Servitization Is an Imperative.
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Even though for some industries there are actual opportunities and threats in this quadrant, in which servitization could play a role (like the Google Maps versus TomTom). Servitization Is an Imperative.