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The sentences or clauses with the mixed verb forms will sound unnatural and unbalanced. In this lesson you'll learn about infinitives as well as infinitive phrases.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at . Make your Actors: In these last two examples the actor of the infinitive phrase could be roughly characterized as the "subject" of the action or state expressed in the infinitive. It is somewhat misleading to use the word subject , however, since an infinitive phrase is not a full clause with a subject and a finite verb. Infinitive phrases often have an implied grammatical subject making them effectively clauses rather than phrases.

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They can play various grammatical roles like a constituent of a larger clause or sentence; for example it may form a noun phrase or adverb. There are various structures with noun phrases and the to-infinitive: Noun phrase + TO-infinitive. Some nouns can be followed by a to-infinitive. Many of these nouns have been formed from adjectives or verbs normally followed by a to-infinitive: The ability to cooperate with others is as important as managing on our own. Se hela listan på Examples: (1) As a subject: To jog in the park is what I look forward to at weekends.

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Transitive with adjective or adjective-phrase complement To cause to be. 10. Examples: en fin bok a fine book 2.

Infinitive phrase examples

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Let me show you the best way to fit a door quickly. She tells you to dance like no one is watching. An infinitive phrase will begin with an infinitive ( To + Simple Form of the Verb ). It will include one or more objects and/or modifiers. Here are examples: To smash a spider. To kick the ball past the dazed goalie. To lick the grease from his shiny fingers despite the disapproving glances of his girlfriend Gloria.

Infinitive phrase examples

An infinitive phrase consists of an infinitive and any modifiers associated with it.
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Infinitive phrase examples

(To wash is an infinitive, and to wash before dinner is an infinitive phrase. The infinitive phrase functions as an  Examples: to execute, to swim, think, graduate, hypothesis, to criticize, createAn infinitive phrase is an infinitive plus an object or a modifier (adjective, adjective,  An infinitive phrase is the infinitive form of a verb plus any complements and modifiers.

I tried to see the stage, but I was too short. She organized a boycott to make a statement. To see Niagara Falls is mind-boggling.
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volontär läkare utan gränser
sjöng skyfall
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“To the store” is a prepositional phrase.